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Classic Backsplash Ideas for a Timeless Kitchen Design

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Homeowners seeking to improve the sustainability of their kitchen and bath remodels are increasingly choosing a timeless design style that transcends the latest home remodeling trends and fads. According to the 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 47% of homeowners now incorporate timeless design into their kitchen renovations.

Timeless design is a more sustainable approach to interior design that is characterized by qualities such as simplicity, elegance, functionality, and enduring appeal. A kitchen with a timeless design style utilizes an efficient layout and durable, high-quality materials like quartzite and marble. The simple, elegant aesthetic of a timeless kitchen design won’t appear dated as trends change over time. A timeless design style makes it less likely that you’ll need extensive updates to your kitchen in the future, which can help improve the return on your remodeling investment.

A timeless kitchen design requires a high-quality, long-lasting backsplash that will look beautiful for years to come. Some classic backsplash ideas (that never go out of style) include:


Carrara Marble Elongated Hexagon Tile

One of our favorite kitchen backsplashes of all time is this 2x8 elongated hexagon picket tile in polished Bianco Carrara marble. We love this mosaic backsplash tile for its simplicity, elegance, and durability. Elongated hexagons are a streamlined geometric shape that is especially popular in Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and contemporary style interior designs. Elongated hexagon tile, sometimes referred to as picket tile, adds subtle movement and visual interest to a backsplash design.


Classic Backsplash Ideas kitchen tile

Bianco Carrara Marble 2x8 Elongated Hexagon Mosaic Tile


According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 Kitchen Design Trends report, 51% of interior designers report their clients are selecting long-lasting products for their remodeled kitchens to reduce the need for replacement in the future. This includes backsplashes, countertops, and other building materials known for their longevity and visual appeal including natural stones like quartzite and marble.

Organic materials like Italian Carrara marble have been integrated into traditional, modern, transitional, and contemporary designs, proving they have an enduring, timeless appeal in interior design. Best of all, Carrara marble is a beautiful, high-quality backsplash material that can last for decades if properly cared for. Bianco Carrara marble, a type of Carrara marble, is prized for its beautiful white-to-light gray base and distinctive thin gray and black veining. Its sophisticated look and light gray base color makes it an especially ideal backsplash for white or gray kitchen cabinets.


Classic Backsplash Ideas tile backsplash


Calacatta Gold Marble Tile Backsplash

A timeless kitchen design features subtle, neutral colors that have mass appeal. Classic backsplash colors include neutrals such as white, beige, gray, and charcoal black. Premium white marbles like Thassos and Calacatta Gold make a gorgeous yet understated backsplash for white kitchen cabinets.


Classic Backsplash Ideas kitchen tiles


Calacatta Gold is a luxury marble quarried in Italy that’s known for its stunning white background and distinctive gray, green, and gold veining. Calacatta gold marble field tile and mosaics also look great when paired with natural wood cabinets.


Classic Backsplash Ideas lantern tile

Calacatta Gold Marble 3” Lanterns Mosaic Tile


Porcelain tile designed to look like Calacatta marble is a more inexpensive option that’s ideal for homeowners that prefer an easy-to-maintain porcelain backsplash with the luxurious look of Calacatta marble.


4x4 Square Tile Backsplash

A 4x4 square tile backsplash is a classic kitchen backsplash idea for a minimalist yet eye-catching timeless kitchen design. An understated square tile backsplash in a neutral color like white or beige is often incorporated into traditional, modern, eclectic, and French country interior designs. Popular materials and finishes for a square tile kitchen backsplash include glazed ceramic, matte porcelain, or handmade Zellige clay tiles.


Classic Backsplash Ideas square tiles

5x5 and 6x6 tiles are other popular sizes for a contemporary square tile backsplash. Add some decorative accent tiles to your backsplash design to create a more traditional, rustic look with age-old charm.


Classic Backsplash Ideas ceramic tile


Carrara Venato Marble 2x4 Beveled Subway Tile

When it comes to selecting a timeless backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom, you can’t go wrong with white or light gray subway tile.


Classic Backsplash Ideas subway tile

Carrara Venato Marble Beveled 2x4 Subway Mosaic Tile


Subway tile provides a classic, fresh look that has been popular since the early 1900s. The clean, simple lines and understated elegance of subway tile contribute to its timeless appeal, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of interior design styles. While white 3x6 subway tile provides a more traditional look, we favor a slightly smaller 2x4 subway tile in quality Carrara Venato white marble with soft gray veining. Choosing a light marble subway tile with a beveled edge helps add extra character and depth to your kitchen backsplash.


Classic Backsplash Ideas carrara tile


Dark Natural Stone Backsplash

A timeless backsplash design doesn’t always have to feature light colors like cream or white. A sleek dark stone backsplash in black soapstone, gray slate, or black granite can provide a versatile background for a framed backsplash over the stove. A dark stone backsplash is especially beautiful when paired with white or cream color cabinets and countertops.


Classic Backsplash Ideas stove tile

Other elegant dark backsplash options for your kitchen include matte finish dark gray field tiles in durable, inexpensive, and low maintenance materials like porcelain and ceramic.


Carrara Venato Marble Long Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Herringbone is one of the most classic kitchen backsplash options. Herringbone mosaics and subway tile in a herringbone pattern can be used to create a simple yet stunning kitchen backsplash.


Classic Backsplash Ideas stove tiles

Carrara Venato Marble 1x6 Herringbone Mosaic Tile


A long herringbone marble tile backsplash provides a slightly more contemporary, upscale look that will complement a variety of kitchen designs and color palettes.


Classic Backsplash Ideas herringbone tile


Solid Slab or Book-Matched Stone Backsplash

When your natural stone countertops and backsplash match, this is known as a countersplash. A countersplash provides a cohesive look for your kitchen which is a key element of timeless design. A quartz or marble solid slab backsplash in neutral colors is always an elegant, understated option for a kitchen countersplash. A book-matched stone slab backsplash, on the other hand, uses several pieces of marble or other natural stone to achieve a seamless and luxurious look that’s both timeless and modern.


Classic Backsplash Ideas marble slab


Traditional Brick Backsplash

Traditional brick is one of our favorite classic kitchen backsplash ideas. It is also one of the most enduring backsplash styles for farmhouse and rustic cottage-style kitchens. Classic red brick, cream-colored brick, and brown brick provide an ageless look that will stand the test of time.

A vintage red, antique brown, or weathered white brick look porcelain tile backsplash is an inexpensive, heat-resistant, non-porous brick style backsplash option that’s easy to install and maintain.


Classic Backsplash Ideas porcelain tile

Antique Red Porcelain Brick Look Subway Tile


For more classic backsplash ideas, browse our collection of luxurious tiles in premium materials like marble, glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Or contact our Customer Service team for assistance with selecting a beautiful, quality tile backsplash for your own timeless kitchen remodel!


8 Classic Backsplash Ideas for a Timeless Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design Elongated Hexagon Marble Tile Kitchen Backsplash

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