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Tilebuys is a national wholesale distributor of premium natural stone tiles, brick, slabs and mosaics.  Tilebuys ships products around the nation every day with the help of the nations top freight carrier companies.  We will deliver right to your front door, heck we can get the your tile brought into your garage, home or wherever you want it stored as long as you relay that information to us prior to shipping.  All products are shipped within 5 to 10 business days of purchase. 

Global Shipping ships globably.  If you are a buyer from outside of the USA please email us at so we can get any and all documentation necessary to ship to your location!  Shipping discounts will not be applied on orders that ship outside of the USA.

Important Information: 

When ordering tile make sure you order a minimum of 10-15% extra for waste.  

We work extremely hard to offer the lowest prices on all our products.  A large influence in our price to you, our loyal customers, is our freight costs.  If we are forced to send a small amount of tile, the shipping charge will cause us to lose money.  

Additional charges will be added for any orders with a destination of  AK, HI, PR, and Canada. These charges may apply to other areas that may be hard for a semi truck to access.  


Send Return Emails to

Read all information below before sending return request.

We're sorry, this part of business is not fun for the buyer nor the seller. Please, follow the directions below to make this process as easy as possible. 

Buyer Responsibilities

  • 20% restocking fee charge for all items
  • Customer is responsible to pay for return shipping and will not be refunded until product is returned in the same condition it was shipped in.
  • You have 14 days after your tile arrives to send us a claim. Please write with photos and explanation of any return. Please include the following in your email: 
    • Material and product name
    • Amount of tile being returned 
    • Reason for your return
  • must be contacted and accept the return request before the customer may ship the product back. 
  • Send Return Emails to

     Product Condition

    • Each return is subject to different terms depending on order details.
    • Items must be in their original packaging and condition and include the paper and mesh. No used items accepted.
    • No sheets that are cut or tampered with will be accepted.
    • We take pictures of every shipment before it leaves to help reduce return policy issues.

    Damaged Tile

    5% damage is expected

    Marble is a natural stone product and is fragile by nature. On occasion, damages can take place during transit. It is possible and not uncommon that up to 5% can be damaged.

    Tile damage of 5% or less is the buyers responsibility. If you believe the tile damage is greater than 5%, contact us so we can work together to resolve the situation. We are very understanding and all we ask is for your honesty and willingness to work with us at an appropriate/professional level.

    We know tile can be heavy and accidents do happen. The North American Tile Council recommends over ordering minimum of 10-15%. This percentage gives a professional installer the ability to work with damaged chips. 

    Damaged Mosaic Chips/Pieces

    Please do not file a claim if you receive your product just to find out you have a broken lantern or piece on one of your sheets.  The beautiful thing about a mosaic tile is each "Chip" or "Piece" of the tile can be easily removed from the mesh and replaced with a new one.  Remember you will have 10-15% waste during the install process which means you will have extra chips available to replace it with.

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