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8 Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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If your bathroom is on the small side (65 square feet or less), you may want to replace your tub/shower combo with a small walk-in shower to maximize limited space and increase visual appeal.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

A small walk-in shower is usually the same size as (or smaller than) a standard size tub and shower combo. A small walk-in shower typically has dimensions of 60 x 30 inches or less (usually between 9-13 square feet). A very small walk-in shower may have dimensions as small as 36 x 36 inches! According to the International Residential Code, the minimum interior size for a shower compartment shall be 30 x 30 inches or 900 square inches. However, the minimum size for a shower allowed in a bathroom can vary depending on local regulations and building codes.

A small walk-in shower doesn’t take up as much room as a larger shower or even most shower/tub combos. Yet it can still feature a luxurious design that incorporates high-quality materials such as glass or marble tiled shower partitions, shower walls and built-in shower benches tiled in natural stone, and mosaic tile floors and shower niches.

A small walk-in shower that is sleek, minimalistic, and efficient in its layout and design can help make a small bathroom look and feel more spacious. To learn more, check out these small walk-in shower tile ideas and design tips:


Light Color Tiles Can Make a Small Walk-In Shower Feel Open & Bright

Incorporating light-colored tiles and walls into your shower design will help create a sense of openness and the illusion of a more expansive space. Use light shades such as white, light gray, beige, and pale blue or green to make a small walk-in shower feel brighter and more spacious.

Tile with a glossy finish will also help make a shower feel bigger and brighter. Glossy tiles can help bounce light around the shower area, making it feel brighter and more open.

Small Walk-in Shower Tile Ideas - Chain Link Pattern Accent Tile

Small Walk-in Shower Featuring Chain Link Pattern Accent Tile


Large Tiles Will Make a Small Walk-In Shower Appear Larger…

Larger tiles can make a small walk-in shower appear bigger by minimizing the number of grout lines.  Large-format tiles (tiles that are 12 x 24 inches or larger) have thinner and fewer grout lines. This can make your shower walls and floors look more seamless and streamlined, which can help give the impression of increased space.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - large format tile

Walk-in Shower w/Large Format Tile Walls, Tile Floor in Arabesque Marrakech


…While Extra Small Tiles Can Also Create the Illusion of More Space

Small format tiles including mosaic tiles featuring small (5/8 inch to 1 inch) squares, penny rounds, mini lanterns, or small basketweave tiles can also help enhance the perception of space in a small walk-in shower. Extra small tiles can be used on both the walls and floors of a walk-in shower to add visual interest and create a sense of visual continuity. Extra small tiles can trick the eye into perceiving a space to be larger than it actually is.


Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - calacatta gold marble

Doorless Walk-in Shower in Calacatta Gold Marble Mini Herringbone & Basketweave


When shopping for small format tile, consider polished marble tile that will help reflect light, while also providing a timeless, elegant look. Creamy white marble with gold veining like Calacatta Gold marble is especially popular for luxurious walk-in showers and bathrooms.


Long Subway Tiles Can Make a Small Walk-In Shower Feel Taller or Wider

Extra-long subway tiles can help a space feel bigger. Long subway tiles require fewer grout lines, which helps make a shower feel taller (when installed vertically). Or run your subway tile horizontally to make a narrow shower feel wider.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - Daisy Flower Subway Tile

Small Walk-in Shower w/Long Subway Tile & Flower Mosaic


Beveled White Subway Tiles Help Create a Bright & Airy Walk-In Shower

Beveled white subway tiles are a popular choice for shower walls in small bathrooms because they can brighten and open up a space. Polished bright white Thassos marble beveled subway tile helps reflect light to give your small walk-in shower an open and airy look.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - white thassos subway tile

Small Bathroom & Shower Featuring Beveled White Thassos Marble Subway Tile


Beveled subway tiles have a sloped edge that gives them a three-dimensional appearance. The beveled edge helps add depth, dimension, and character to bathroom and shower walls.

Extra Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas
Extra Small Walk-in Shower w/Beveled White Subway Tile & Mini Herringbone Tile


Use Floor-to-Ceiling Tile in a Walk-In Shower to Make the Space Feel Bigger

Tiling a small walk-in shower from the floor to the ceiling can help draw the eye upward and create the illusion of height. Floor-to-ceiling tile gives the impression of taller walls and a higher ceiling, making the shower area feel more spacious.

Using different size tiles in your walk-in shower design can also add visual interest and depth to a small bathroom.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - floral mosaic accent
Walk-in Shower w/White Subway Tile & Marble Floral Mosaic Tile


Use the Same Tiles Throughout Bathroom & Shower to Create a Cohesive, Open Look

Try using the same wall and floor tile throughout the shower and bathroom. This creates a cohesive design that can help visually extend the boundaries of the shower area, making it feel larger and more integrated with the surrounding space.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas - floral mosaic tile

Small Bathroom & Walk-in Shower Tiled in Marble Subway Tile & Floral Mosaic


Use Shower Accent Tiles to Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point

Use decorative accent tiles strategically in your walk-in shower design to draw attention to specific areas of the shower, such as the back wall or shower niche. By creating a focal point, you can divert attention away from the size limitations of a small shower and bathroom. A horizontal tile border in a shower, for example, can help create the illusion of width. A mosaic accent wall in a shower can help draw the eye upward, making the ceiling appear higher and the space feel more expansive.

Using the same accent tile in both your shower and bathroom helps form a subtle link between spaces that results in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing design.

Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas arabesque mosaic

Small Walk-in Shower & Bathroom w/Arabesque Marrakech Decorative Accent


Additional Small Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

Decorative tiles can add depth, dimension, and character to a small walk-in shower and bathroom. Textured stacked stone tiles, 3D tiles, geometric tiles, and mosaic tiles featuring intricate repeating patterns can add visual interest and depth to walls and floors. This can help make a small bathroom with walk-in shower appear larger and more spacious.

Pebble tiles for bathroom floors can also be an attractive pattern and functional mosaic tile for walk-in shower floors.

Looking for the best field tile or accent tile for your walk-in shower and bathroom? Browse our collection of luxury tiles or contact customer service for assistance.

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