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Panache Retro Hexagon Glass & Stone Mosaic

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If you're planning a DIY Tile project for your home improvement tilebuys is your one stop shop. At Tilebuys we offer more than just great tile, we offer expert advice for tile installation, tile design, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Floor tile installation, Grout choices and any other question you may have. You're not the expert when it comes to tile so how are you suppose to know the best methods for tile installation, design etc. There are so many variables that go into a tile installation job to ensure its completed properly. If you don't have the experience installing tile you need to have somebody on your side who knows the tricks and tips that will lead to a high quality tile installation. We always advise our customers to hire a local Tile Installation professional to complete the work, but we know how costly that can be and it just doesn't fit in everyones budget. Thats why choosing Tilebuys is so valuable, not only do we offer the lowest prices on the internet, we are here to help you through the entire process if needed. You simply won't get that type of service from another online retailer. Check our reviews on google, Facebook and Ebay and you'll see many many happy satisfied customers. I ask that you remember this quote "Doing it right the first time cost less than doing it over". If your tile installation isn't completed properly you're in for a big head ache, and your pocket book won't like you either. If you need any assistance during your DIY tile project give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to walk you through the tough parts of the process, thats the Tilebuys Guarantee!

Add unique style to your home improvement project with Tilebuys newest collection, Panache Collection tile. Panache Collection consist of our raindrop pattern & retro hexagon pattern. With a wide variety of high end mosaic tile chips offering stunning multi-surface finishes, Panache Collection will make any DIY tile project look like a professional tile installers work. Take advatange of the lowest prices before inventory runs out and turn your DIY backsplash project into the talk of the neighborhood. Friends and family won't believe it when you tell them you installed your new kitchen backsplash yourself, so make sure to document it and send us your photos. We will spot light you on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account and you can share your project journey with your friends and family! Heck maybe you'll start a new career in Interior design ;). Having fun and making your home beautiful should be the main incentives for any DIY project. We are here to support you in every single aspect of your project. We love to teach people who want to learn! There is no better feeling than walking into your kitchen or bathroom and seeing the amazing tile work that you, yourself created!

SHEET SIZE: 11.75" x 12.75" (Hexagon)Bedrosian Panache Retro Hexagon Pattern White Marble & Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplash

Bedrosian Panache Retro Hexagon Pattern White Marble & Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplash



Material Glass
Series Name Panache
Series Color Sequins
Actual Size 11.75" x 12.75"
Nominal Size 11.75" x 12.75" x 5/16"
Country Of Origin Italy
Shade Variation V2
Shape Hexagon



Residential Commercial Light Commercial
Shower Walls
Showers Floors
Product rated for Interior & Exterior use
Interior use only


Description Results ASTM#
Water Absorption
N/A C373
PEI Rating
N/A C1027
MOHS (Scratch Resistant)
Frost Resistant
N/A C1026
Breaking Strength
N/A C648
Chemical Resistant
N/A C650
DCOF Acutest


Glass and Decorative tiles are extremely beautiful for backsplashes and other wall applications. Use a pH neutral cleaner for regular maintenance. To remove hard water spots on glass, use a very mild acidic cleaner, washing off the cleaner immediately.

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