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The Hidden Benefits of Adding Flower Tile to your Home

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Silver Oak and Athens Grey Marble Waterjet Mosaic Tile in Daisy Blooms

From flower backsplash to floral floors, flower pattern mosaic tiles are an inviting, elegant wall and floor tiling option that complements a range of interior design styles.

In design styles as diverse as rustic, modern farmhouse, bohemian and transitional – floral tiles provide a special touch, a focal point that evokes nature and classic, perennial beauty.

We've outlined some of the top reasons to consider installing flower mosaic tile in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home during your next remodel.

Flower Mosaics are Timeless

One of the main reasons that we love flower mosaic tiles at TileBuys so much is because of their versatility and history – mosaic tile designers have been experimenting with floral designs for centuries.

The gentle curves and symmetry of flowers made them a natural choice for arabesque tiles and other mosaics in countries around the world. Depending upon the design, floral tiles can provide a soft, romantic touch or a bold, sumptuous pop of color.

Floral tile mosaic V&A 728-1888
Floral mosaic circa 15th century

A Little Goes a Long Way

Carrara White and Bardiglio Grey Marble Waterjet Mosaic Tile in Petal Blossoms

One of the main reasons our customers love floral mosaic tile so much is because it only takes a small amount of flower tile to create a stunning design and completely transform a room. Just a few square feet of flower mosaic tile helps a small bathroom or kitchen  or even a laundry room   blossom into a truly special space.

To create an alluring design at a low cost, consider installing a marble flower tile border, niche, backsplash or floor as a striking contrast to solid color field tiles.

Flowers are Proven to Brighten your Day

Aesthetics and remodel budgets aside, you might also want to consider adding flower tile to your home simply as a way improve your mood on a day-to-day basis! A behavioral research study conducted at Rutgers University found that: "Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere." - Dr. Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study

Incorporating a floral tile backsplash or flower floor tiles into your home is a much more permanent way to consistently evoke the feelings of happiness that flowers bring – helping you boost your own mood, as well as elevate the spirits of your family and friends. That may be why both fresh flowers and images of flowers are an integral component of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. According to Rodika Tchi, a feng shui consultant and contributor at The Spruce, “The universal language of flowers crosses any cultural boundaries, interpretations or meanings. The feng shui use of flowers as a symbol is based on the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in all humans—a feeling of beauty, grace and delicate, alive sensuality. […] In addition to the energy of beauty and grace, flowers also bring good luck, numerous blessings and quality of chi to any home.”

Nature is Never Wrong

With our passion for the enduring history, beauty and positive energy of flowers in interior design, we have curated this collection of Flower Tiles at TileBuys to highlight some of our bestselling marble and mixed material flower pattern mosaic tiles - as well as feature some new additions to our catalog that we look forward to seeing our customers incorporate into their homes in the future.

With an array of flower tiles to choose from  including Carrara marble daisy tileblack and white floral tile (which makes a striking monochromatic tile floor) and gray and white flower marble mosaic tile – we believe there is something in this collection for every designer or home owner seeking to add a harmonious touch of spring to her interiors.

While this collection will be updated regularly, a few of our current favorites can be viewed in the video above as well as at

Bathroom Backsplash Bathroom Floors Bianco Carrara Carrara Marble design Flower Mosaic Tiles Kitchen Backsplash

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