Wood Accent Wall - TileBuys
Wood Accent Wall - TileBuys
Wood Accent Wall - TileBuys
Wood Accent Wall - TileBuys
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Wood Accent Wall Interlocking Sheets Antique Boat Wood DIY Wood Project


Mix Block Pattern Wood Panel Mosaic, Random Sized Planks, 11 3/4x 23 1/2 Antique Wood Mosaic (SKU#950908)


Looking for something different to add to your space? This antique boat wood Panel Mosaic comes in random sized planks, it’s 11 ¾” by 23 ½” per piece. Wonder how you should maintain this material? Just like you would for your shipping boat. With proper maintenance, this material can be used in humid environment like your bath and your kitchen.

Natural Wood Mosaic Tile Rustic Wood Wall Tiles
Mosaic Mesh Mounted Wood Planks Make for an Easy Tile Install.
Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplash
Natural Antique Rustic Wood Mosaic Wood Panel
3D Wood Pattern Accent Wall Tile

Tilebuys offer the perfect solution for any Do It Your Selfer looking to create a rustic wood headboard.

Antique Wood Mosaics tiles make it easy to bring nature into your living space without having to grab your husbands axe and cut down your own tree! You could always go find an old barn to tear down for the reclaimed wood to create that accent wall you pined last week, or you can save yourself the energy and simply buy the it from us. The perfect interior design option for anyone building a lake home or cabin, or maybe you just want the natural feel of antique wood in your commercial project.

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