Floating Lantern Dolomite White Marble and Mother of Pearl Water jet Mosaic

$ 56.00

$ 112.00

This large mosaic sheet will leave you speechless. 1.5 SQFT Per Sheet gives a lot of bang for your buck.  


SHEET SIZE: 14" x 14.75" 

Remember that 1 sheet is actually 1.5 Sheets of other similar products on the market. 


    1. Dolomite Marble (Turkish Marble)
    2. Mother of Pearl: Drawn from the inner lining of seashells such as oyster and abalone, Mother of Pearl has featured in East Asian and Islamic religious art for centuries. It can be used to add notes of gentle luminescence to any design, from delicate mosaics to field tiling on walls and floors.
  • FINISH: Polished. With a brilliant shine and light-capturing capabilities, polished marble is the perfect accent for any area of the home.
  • ORIGIN OF MATERIALS: Turkey (Dolomite), South Pacific (Mother of Pearl)
  • USE: Kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, tub surround, shower niche, shower walls, bathroom and shower floors. DO NOT USE IN STEAM SHOWER.
  • INSTALLATION: Interlocking sheets on mesh backing for easy installation.
  • PACKAGING: Sheets are individually packaged for maximum protection.