Quantum Calacatta Gold + Thassos White Polished Mable Waterjet Mosaic

Quantum Calacatta Gold + Thassos White Polished Mable Waterjet Mosaic

$ 75.00

SHEET SIZE: 12.5“ x 13.15” x 10mm 



  • FINISH: Polished. With a brilliant shine and light-capturing capabilities, polished marble is the perfect accent for any area of the home.
    1. Thassos White: Quarried on the island of Thassos, Greece, Thassos White is a bright white marble. The stone is in high demand due to its minimal variations in color.
    2. Quarried in the beautiful rolling mountains of Italy, calacatta gold has long been used in the most luxurious of applications. This Italian polished white marble is accented by soft grey and gold veining making it a highly desired luxurious stone. Its sophisticated and elegant appearance has graced beautiful homes for centuries.
  • PROVENANCE: Greece (Thassos), Italy (Calacatta Gold)
  • USE: Kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, tub surround, shower niche, shower walls, bathroom and shower floors.
  • INSTALLATION: Interlocking sheets on mesh backing for easy installation.
  • PACKAGING: Sheets are individually packaged for maximum protection. 

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