Bianco Carrara Marble

 Breath Taking Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles.

Carrara Bianco or "Carrera" (commonly misspelled) is an Italian natural stone product quarried from the mountains of Carrara Italy.  Carrara marble displays a beautiful color variation of white and grey veins and has been used by legendary architects, builders and designers dating back to the ancient romain periods of the 17th & 18th centuries.  Today Bianco Carrara (Carrera) is still used by top development companies and home owners alike.  The traditional elegance of Carrara marble is timeless.  In this day and age we see a lot of trendy mosaics made from glass, stainless steal, ceramics and other man made materials.  Although we understand everyone has their own taste when it comes to the design ascetics of their homes but do homeowners really understand the concept and value of adding natural stone products such as our Bianco Carrara collection over the ever so trendy big box store metal and glass mosaics?  When it comes to resale value of our properties nothing is more true than this....By using Imported Italian marble for your backsplash or shower renovations we will see a much higher return on our initial investment.  Tilebuys specializes in every shape, style and size of Carrara marble and can produce custom waterjet mosaics better than anyone in the industry.  Before you buy tile for your next project we encourage you to see what tilebuys can offer you  

Bianco Carrara (Carrera) marble was and continues to be used by the worlds most famous architects, sculptors and visionaries our world has ever seen. I think its a safe to say that when you decide on Bianco Carrara (Carrera) for your project, you've made the right choice. Natural stones such as marble and granite are quarried from the earth and WILL have color variations throughout the tile. These color variations are what make natural stone so elegant and special!

    Marble tile comes in many different surface finishes.  Here are some things to think about when picking a finish.

       Honed - Perfect for bathroom floor tile; Shower Floor Tile; Kitchen Floor Tile, Laundry room floor tile; Master Bathroom Floor Tile; Outdoor Tile. ETC.  The reason we recommend honed marble for floor tile application is simple.  Honed marble is a matte finish and will not show scratches or imperfections in the stone like polished marble.  Honed marble is the perfect finish for any tile job because of its versatility and minimal maintenance.

        Polished - When we think of polished finished we would typically think of our natural stone countertops.  If you have granite countertops, you probably have a polished surface finish.  Shiny and bright! Polished is a great finish for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, accent wall, fireplace surround and really anywhere else you wish to use it for your home improvement project.

        Brushed -  Brushed finish is what we would describe as a natural feel.  Brushed finish will have an almost wavy texture to it.  If you're looking to keep that very natural feel to your home improvement project a brushed surface finish is a solid choice.

        • Bianco Carrara (Carrera) Marble is an Italian natural stone that we here at Tilebuys loves!
        • Bianco Carrara is one of the most used marble materials in the building industry today.
        • Bianco Carrara (Carrera) marble has a base color of White. Within the beautiful white marble inlays amazing shades of Black and Grey veining that you can't get from other natural stone - marble products.
        • Tilebuys offers an exclusive, hand selected natural stone and marble material you wont find from other tile retailers or wholesalers.
        • At tilebuys we have a large variety of large format tiles and mosaics to select from so you can create your amazing one of a kind home improvement project.  Because we have so such a large selection of tiles at wholesale pricing you can create the master bathroom of your dreams!  Give your powder room or guest bathrooms the luxury feel your house guest deserve at a price that will make you second guess using cheap ceramic or porcelain tiles.
        • Tilebuys offers some of the following tile in Bianco Carrara marble that can be incorporated into your home improvement project.


        • 12x12" Tile
        • 12x24" Tile
        • 18x18" Tile
        • 24x24" Tile
        • Basketweave Mosaic Tile 
        • Basketweave Dog Bone Shape Mosaic Tile
        • 1" Hexagon Mosaic Tile
        • 2" Hexagon Mosaic Tile
        • Arabesque Lantern Mosaic Tile
        • Waterjet Arabesque Mosaic Tile
        • Octagon Mosaic Tile
        • Penny Round Mosaic Tile
        • Subway Tile Mosaic Tile
        • 2x4" Beveled Brick Subway tile
        • Brick Pattern Mosaic Tile
        • 2x4 Brick Pattern Mosaic Tile
        • 3x6" Brick Mosaic Tile 
        • Random Strip Mosaic Tile
        • Herringbone Mosaic Tile
        • 1x4" Herringbone Mosaic Tile
        • 5/8" Mini Square Mosaic Tile
        • 1" Square Mosaic Tile
        • 2" Square Mosaic Tile


        • Crown Molding 2"x12''
        • Pencil Molding 1"x12''
        • Base Molding 5"x12"
        • Pencil Molding 1/2"x12"

         NOTE - If you don't see the matching product you're looking for send us an email and we can verify our inventory.