Calacatta (Calcutta) Gold

Italian Calacatta (Calcutta) Gold Marble is on a class of its own, very few marble products are a luxurious as Calacatta Gold.  Our premium Calacatta (Calcutta) Gold is highly prized and sought after, Tilebuys(TM) is the only place you will find this quality of world renowned Italian quarried Calacatta used by ancient kings since the beginning of time.  Calacatta (Calcutta) Gold is known as the “Rich Mans Marble” and has not been used by the general public due to its extremely high price point.  Tilebuys(TM) is changing that by our unique relationships with the quarries we can import directly and provide our customers wholesale pricing by cutting out 2-6 middle men that you’re used to going to your local retailer.  We currently offer 2 different style of mosaics in this premium Calacatta (Calcutta) Gold material.