Bianco Carrara

Carrara Bianco or "Carrera" (commonly misspelled) is an Italian natural stone product quarried from the mountains of Carrara Italy.  Carrara marble displays a beautiful color variation of white and grey veins and has been used by legendary architects, builders and designers dating back to the ancient romain periods of the 17th & 18th centuries.  Today Bianco Carrara (Carrera) is still used by top development companies and home owners alike.  The traditional elegance of Carrara marble is timeless.  In this day and age we see a lot of trendy mosaics made from glass, stainless steal, ceramics and other man made materials.  Although we understand everyone has their own taste when it comes to the design ascetics of their homes but do homeowners really understand the concept and value of adding natural stone products such as our Bianco Carrara collection over the ever so trendy big box store metal and glass mosaics?  When it comes to resale value of our properties nothing is more true than this....By using Imported Italian marble for your bathroom remodel - renovations we will see a much higher return on our initial investment.   



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