Dream Backsplash Give Away Charity Event.

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Tilebuys is currently working very hard to get our showroom completed so our local customers can finally come see all our the unique tiles that can be used for your home improvement projects. We offer tile installation services by working with the best local contractors in Sioux Falls.

We have partnered with the Special Olympics of South Dakota to promote our grand opening, while supporting one of the best foundations in the area. We have a total of 2700 entries into our Dream Backsplash Giveaway. You have 4 ways to donate and win! $3.00 gets you one draw; $7.00 gets you two draws; $20.00 gets you five draws; $50.00 gets you fifteen draws. With a donation of any amount you'll get 5% off any purchase in store when we open. Donations of $20.00-$49.99 will get your 10% any purchase; and donations of $50.00 + will get your 20% off any purchase. There is no expiration date to these discounts, discounts are transferable up to 25 days after our grand opening.

Drawing will be held on Oct 28th, 2016 LIVE on Facebook. If we haven't reached our goal of 2700 draws by October 28th, we will push the live drawing back until reach our goal.

Follow the link below for your chance to win, Or find the link on our home page under the charity tab!



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